Kerið crater

Kerið is a volcanic small crater lake located in south Iceland, on the popular tourist route the Golden Circle. It is one of several crater lakes in the area, known as Iceland’s Western Volcanic Zone, which includes the Reykjanes peninsula and the Langjökull Glacier, created as the land moved over a localized hotspot, but it is the one that has the most visually recognizable caldera still intact.


The caldera of Kerið is composed of a red volcanic rock and not the usual black color as most Icelandic volcanic craters. The caldera itself reaches to approx. 55 m (180 ft) deep, 170 m (560 ft) wide, and 270 m (890 ft) across. Kerið’s crater is only 1500 years old, half the age of most volcanic craters known in the area.

The lake inside the caldera is 6-15 meters deep depending on the rainfall and the evaporation due heat. The water inside the lake are krystal clear and display beautiful colors, which makes Kerið one of the favorite volcanic craters for photographers worldwide.