Gluggafoss (Merkjafoss) waterfall

Gluggafoss is a waterfall in southern Iceland, specifically in the Fljótshlíð area. As the most prominent member of a series of waterfalls running from the river Merkjá, it is also known as Merkjárfoss; both names are acknowledged on an on-site signpost. The waterfall is accessible off Route 261, some 17.3 km from the closest major town, Hvolsvöllur (which in turn is 106 km east of Reykjavík).


Is it a paid attraction?

Parking and sightseeing Gluggafoss are not paid, so you can visit it for free.


Parking at the Gluggafoss waterfall is for about 10 – 15 cars, but there is usually never enough space, so there is always a free space in the car park where you can stop your car.


Joseph: One of the best waterfall spot that is not filled with tourist. No bathroom amenities here just nature. Its one of our favorites during our visit. A half day is not enough to explore all the waterfall in this one area. Great place to fly a drone also”